Eyelash perm training

Eyelash perm training

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Eyelash perm training

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Esteetika Ilukool was granted a training licence № 6912HTM for the 3D Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting and Eyebrow Shaping Course and adult education teaching licence №1.1-2/14/406 issued by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. Private individual can return income tax. Esteetika Ilukool (Charmbeauty LLC) is Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund´s partner. Eyelash perming is a safe and effective method for curling your lashes. Eyelash perming is a great alternative for clients with straight lashes who want a natural curl without the daily use of manual eyelash curlers. We will introduce you 2 methods of eyelash perming treatment: iCurl Perm Our eyelash perm training program is innovative and easy to follow. Typical eyelash perming services involve a complicated process that involves rollers and at least 50-60 minutes to achieve the final result. With iCurl Perm System all process will last only 25 minutes, all you need to do is slip on a clip that secures easily and fits any eye shape. iCurl curls are made from the unique design of the curling pad and suits any face shape and any length of the eyelashes (three sizes: S, M, L). Every lash is curled by the diagonal molds of the clips. The inner security pad lining prevents the solutions cream from leaking into the eyes. Lash Lift Perm Developed in Asia a number of years ago & recently made popular in Europe, ‘Lash-Lifting’ Technology is now available! Features: Silicon Technology moulds to any Eye Shape; Enhances lashes lifting right from the root; Eliminates over curling during Treatment; Creates the illusion of lash lengthening; Easy to use lasting approx 10-12 weeks; Natural looking – Opens up the eyes; Used to straighten or curl eyelashes; Suitable for short and long lashes • Perfect results every time Duration 1 Day (6 academic hours), 10:00 to 14:30 Theory (2 academic hours) • Overview of eyelash perm process • Eyelash structure and growth phases • iCurl Perm tehnology • Lash Lift Perm tehnology • Procedure steps • Health and safety guidance, contra-indications • Products to use for application • Chemical process during eyelash perm • Client care and homecare advice • Errors correction Practice (4 academic hours) (if you can't find the model, please let us know as soon as possible. We can find the model for additional fee 10 EUR) • iCurl Perm process on the model, bring model No 1 at 11.30 • Lash Lift Perm process on the model, bring model No 2 at 13.00 International Certificate will be issued after successful completion of training Price of one day eyelash perm course is 96 EUR (Price includes TAX) Price of the training with iCurl Kit is 170 EUR (Price includes TAX) iCurl Kit contains: • Perm & Setting Lotion (30 combo sachets for 30 clients) • iCurl Device (3 sizes: S, M, L) • Cleansing Lotion (5 ml) • Instruction DVD (English) Price of the training with Lash Lift Kit is 150 EUR (Price includes TAX) Lash Lift Kit contains: • iCurl Perm and Setting Lotions (10x2 pcs for 10 clients) • Silicone shields 20 pcs/10 pairs (2 sizes: M and L) • Lash Lift Glue (10 ml)

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