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FUSION SMART MIX, 5 vials of 10 ml SMART MIX to create sterile cream to apply after mesotherapy PATENTED FORMULA Create sterile cream to apply after mesotherapy from mesotherapy products. Active ingredients: Skin emolient Natural emulsifier Smart mix is a patented formula. An exclusive concept from FUSION MESOTHERAPY to create sterile cream, serum or mask from any sterile and water based mesotherapy product. Simply add smart mix to the mesotherapy product, shake the vial for 5 seconds and the sterile cream is ready. Smart mix is based on a 100% vegetal and natural emulsifier and skin emolient. Finally a brand is offering a real and professional solution for after mesotherapy treatment cream without any risk of infection. To obtain more or less thick sterile cream add lower or higher proportion of hyaluronic acid (F-HA+ for example). The more smart mix you add in the mix, the more the obtained sterile cream will be rich and nourrishing as you increase the proportion of emolient. Smart mix emulsion are stable for 24 to 48 hours. If the emulsion separe simply shake again the vial before use. With smart mix no headache of proportions, it is easy to use, fast and it always works! Indications: Create sterile cream Tailor made to each mesothearpy procedure No risks of infections after mesotherapy treatment Natural product Sooths irritated skin Reduces redness
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