Natural Teeth Whitening

Natural Teeth Whitening

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Natural Teeth Whitening

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Esteetika Ilukool was granted a training licence № 6912HTM and an adult education teaching licence №1.1-2/14/406 issued by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. Private individual has a right to return income tax. Esteetika Ilukool (Charmbeauty LTD) is Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund´s partner. NB! Complies with EU directive on cosmetic products. • Specially - developed Magic White gel does not have any effect on gums, it is harmless and does not make your teeth sensitive. • The difference of our gel lies in the fact that it has a pleasant taste, it doesn’t run, it has an enjoyable aftertaste and there is no need to wipe or wash it off after the procedure. • Individual approach • Magic White representations give each customer an individual approach and special attention. • Magic White representations contain only 0% of peroxide, at the same time tooth clinics have 12-16%, which makes our technique painless. • Affordable price • 100% cosmetic teeth whitening treatment does not require any stomatological equipment nor it requires medically trained specialists, because the procedure is absolutely secure and thus has the best price! • Results just in 3x15 minutes • The shortest 3x15-minute procedure leaves You with up to 9 shades brighter smile and all of this during a pleasant relaxation in a comfortable armchair. • Absolutely painless treatment • Thanks to whitening gel used in cosmetic whitening, the treatment is absolutely painless and desirable for everyone. • Innovative approach • Modern day technologies made the pearl smile an affordable luxury for everyone, allowing it to be achieved thoroughly and without any pain. • 3x15 minutes result • 9 shades brighter teeth • 100%cosmetic procedure • White teeth – Your best accessory! • Top of Form • Smile with confidence and the world will smile back! Course duration 1 day (6 academic hours), 10.00-14.30 Theory (2 academic hours) • Beauty expert´s skills and working in beauty salon • Procedure steps • Health and safety guidance, contra-indications • Equipment products to use for application • Client care and homecare advice Practice part (4 academic hours)/Model comes at 12.30p.m. If you can't find a model, please let us know as soon as possible. We can find a model for additional fee 10 EUR • Teeth whitening for a live model International Certificate will be issued after successful completion of training. Price of the training with a Magic White Kit is 1200 EUR Magic White Kit includes: • Blue Light Pro 4 Led Lamp, 36 Watt (6 month guarantee) • Safety glasses, 2 pieces • Teeth shades chart • Natural Teeth Whitening gel, 4 pieces, 10ml Magic White (24 procedures) • Mouth retractor, 8 pieces • Micro brushes, 100 pieces • Magic White cleaning serum, 20 ml • Tweezers • Client agreements in 4 languages
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